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February 24, 2009:

New pattern Posted: Special Daze Square
Stunning 7-inch granny square made in two contrasting colors.  Designed by J.E. Rathke.

Community Projects Are Back!:
We're very happy to announce that our community projects are back!  And our first project on the calendar, Big Bend Hospice of North Florida, is in need of afghans and squares to be made into afghans.  Click the link above for more information on this community project.  Special thanks to Pat J. for coordinating this project for us.

February 12, 2009:

New pattern Posted: McGregger's Garden Square
Adorable square pattern featuring one mischievous rabbit.  Designed by Tina Stoddard.

The 2009 Granny Square Exchange Calendar has been posted!

Our Granny Exchanges have been posted for the year!  Check out our updated calendar for more information.

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