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Please read over the rules and guidelines
 before joining in any of our exchanges.

2009 Items Exchanges Calendar

Our 2009 Item Exchanges have been postponed until September.
Please check back later for further details.

ATCT Item Exchanges
Rules and Guidelines

Our exchanges are by invitation only.  You must join either ATCT, CTNW or CrochetTableNews at YahooGroups to receive one of our invitations.

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When you sign-up for our exchanges, you will be placed into a group of up to 3 members in which you are required to make and send one item to each member in your group according to that month's theme (up to 2 items total required to be made per exchange). 

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Just-In-Case Packages

In order to be able to participate in our items exchanges, you must have a JIC, or "Just-In-Case" package on file with us.  These packages are required so that if you are unable to finish the exchange, for any reason, your JIC can be sent to your partners in replacement.  If a JIC is used, you must send in a new JIC to be able to participate in our exchanges again.  Only one JIC is required to be on file at a time.  (NOTE: Our Granny Square exchanges are considered a separate exchange and requires it's own JIC to be on file.  For more information about our granny square exchanges, please click here.)

You can request your JIC to be returned to you at any time as long as you are not currently participating in any items exchanges that require the JIC to be on file.

Having a JIC on file will help keep you from being listed as a bad swapper if circumstances prevent you from finishing an exchange.  However, those that do not notify us that their JIC needs to be used and do not keep in contact with us during the exchange will still be listed as a bad swapper.

JIC requirements are different for those within the U.S. and Canada and those from other countries.  Please provide to us the correct JIC.

Your JIC package should include the following:

If you live in the US
or Canada
  • Choose your JIC items.  Only ONE of the following choices are necessary:
    Choice Requirements
    #1  Two 8" or larger in diameter (or square) of any of the following: Two potholders/hotpads, OR Two dishcloths OR Two doilies.  (Mix n' Match acceptable with choice #1 items only--one dishcloth and one potholder OK).  Potholders and dishcloths must be made with cotton yarns or thread.  CD hotpads acceptable.
    #2 Four placemats at least 11" x 15" in size.
    #3 Two towel toppers with towels included.
    #4 Eight coasters, 4" or larger in size. CD coasters acceptable.  Coasters must be made with cotton yarns or thread.


  • 2 (9 x 12" or larger) Manila or bubble envelopes DO NOT Self-address stamp your envelopes.
  • $3.12 in US funds or postage (8 First Class stamps)
    Checks NOT accepted.
All Other Countries
  • Choose your JIC items as indicated above, sending double the amount required.**
  • 2 (9 x 12" or larger) Manila or bubble envelopes DO NOT Self-address stamp your envelopes.

(**Extra items  are used in replacement of postage - these items are not returnable!)

For more information on where you send your JIC to, please contact us at .

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Due Dates

Due dates are posted on our website as well as within the mailing lists that are sent by e-mail.  Your items must be postmarked by this due date.  

You are responsible for getting your items to your partners.  This includes any errors, delays or problems in shipment. We highly suggest that you use delivery confirmation on your packages for verification that they were received.  The U.S. postal service will allow delivery confirmation on all First Class and Parcel post packages that are at least 3/4-inch thick (regardless of weight) and all Priority mail.  Delivery confirmation on Priority packages is free when used with the USPS website.  Most packages sent by UPS, DHL or Fed Ex automatically come with insurance and tracking.   Saving your receipt with a clear indication of postage paid and the zip code of your partner's package is also considered a proof of mailing with ATCT.

If a partner does not receive a package due to a shipment error on the part of a postal carrier, it is up to the two partners involved to decide if another package should be sent out.  Although we count it as sent for the first package, this information is kept for future use in case a track record of items being lost in the mail becomes a problem.

Those that do not finish an exchange on time will not be allowed to join future ATCT swaps and will be listed as a bad swapper.  Bad Swappers with ATCT are registered on a "Bad Swappers" list that is shared between other affiliated craft exchange groups.  By joining our exchanges, you give us permission to share your information with these group moderators if and when you become delinquent on an exchange.  These groups may then in turn deny your membership or participation in their exchanges for being a known bad swapper.  Please read our Privacy Policy below for more information on how your information may be shared with these groups.    

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Puffies & Extras

"Puffy" is a cute term many exchangers use to refer to the envelopes they send or receive with exchange items in them.  When you package the envelope with the items, it puffs out--hence a puffy!

Many of our members also like to add little fun extras to their "puffies".  These are usually tea, candy, patterns, recipes, bios, etc.  These items are NOT necessary or required, however, we'd like to mention it for those of you that are new to exchanges and would like to know what else to add, if anything. 

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Notifying Coordinators

You are required to send an e-mail notice to us at when you send to or receive from your exchange partners.  Posting to our Yahoo Group does NOT count as notifying your partners.   Use the CC: or BCC: feature to include our e-mail address when you notify/thank your partners.  We will get the same message and be able to mark down that you have sent/received for the exchange.  Please be considerate of the coordinators and partners in your groups.  Exchanges are not only sending out your items, but also properly thanking those that made items for you.  All the e-mail addresses are provided on the mailing lists to make this easy for you.  At any time if you need a resend of the mailing list, please contact us at .

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Leaving Exchanges

If you wish to terminate your participation in our exchanges, you must contact us at and inform your group members to not send items to you.  If your partners have already sent to you before you notify them or us, you are still required to return their items (mark packages as "REFUSED"), or send to them.   Failure to do so will list you as a bad swapper.   JIC packages will not be returned to members while the exchange is still current.

If at any time we are unable to contact you, your group members will be notified to NOT send their items to you until we've heard from you.

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Any discrepancies with our exchanges must be brought to our attention within 30 days after the deadline for that particular exchange.  We will do all we can to help make this run as smoothly as possible. 

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Privacy Policy

Your name, e-mail, mailing address, favorite colors and any information you provide during sign-up will be provided to your other group members on the mailing lists, which are sent via e-mail once the sign-up closing date has passed.  This information is only sent to your group members and your information is not retained, sold, rented or used for any other or future purposes with ATCT, except if you are a bad swapper (see below).  You must provide this information each and every time you sign-up for our exchanges.

ATCT is part of a global list of exchange coordinators where bad swapper information is provided and shared so that other groups can be on the lookout for those that do not complete exchanges.  Your name, city, state, known e-mail addresses and items owed is posted on this list.  By signing up for our exchanges, you agree to have this information shared if you become a bad swapper by not completing your exchange.  You may or may not be notified by us if you become a bad swapper.  It is your responsibility to make sure you notify us that you have sent and received items from your partners.  We send an e-mail confirmation when we receive this information from you. 

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We have made every effort to ensure that the instructions of patterns or recipes are accurate and complete.  We cannot, however, be responsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you!

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